30 FREE Nook eBooks from Barnes and Noble

Get ALL FREE Nook Ebooks from Barnes & Noble you can get the FREE Nook Book App so you can read these book on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. Below are just a few of the free Nook books that Barnes & Noble is currently offering. Barnes & Noble ebook prices change very frequently, so make sure it’s $0 before you checkout.

Drama/fiction eBooks



  • Existential Box by Ann Mayburn
  • Attacked! by Paul Moxham
  • Ambushed! by Paul Moxham
  • Kidnapped! by Paul Moxham


  • Seducing Miss Dunaway by Kate Rothwell
  • When Sparks Fly by Autumn Dawn
  • The Right Medicine by Ginny Baird

Science Fiction

  • Good Intentions by Jeff Thomason



  • Deeper Than Blood by Antony Bennett
  • CommonSense Inc Part 2 – Friday the 13th by Corey Aaron Burkes