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4 NEW FREE HP Touchpad Apps

4 NEW FREE HP Touchpad Apps

To get these apps search the app catalog on your touchpad, and click “use promo code” when you go to purchase.

  • iCookbook -enter Promo code: ueboo78492mrejd
  • Supersonic HD -enter Promo code: lriws64715ynhbu
  • Beyond Ynth HD -enter Promo code: bcygh79860zcxqa
  • Flashcards -use Promo code: nepli53194rgrgy

Step by step instructions on How To Get the FREE HP Apps:
1.) Open the HP App Catalog (using your TouchPad).
2.) Click Search in the bottom right.
3.) Type in the name of the app.
4.) Click on the green button with the price next to the app you want.
5.) Enter your password if you have one.
6.) Click “Use Promo Code”
7.) Type in the promo code and hit enter.
8.) Repeat for all the apps.
**You must have a credit card on file in order to use a promo code.

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