Birthday Freebies in Vancouver and Canada That Work: Celebrate with Free

Birthday Freebies Canada

I love free food and free in general, who doesn’t?  If you live in Vancouver and Canada you’re in for a birthday treat!

My husband isn’t a fan of celebrating his birthday but this year since I’m on

maternity leave and don’t have to work, I’m going all out on researching the birthday freebies for his birthday.  Usually, I’m not able to partake in the birthday goodness celebration because a) I’m not organized enough to strategize the birthday and b) I am usually working on my birthday or my husband’s birthday.

There are a lot of lists out there for birthday freebies in Canada but some of them aren’t updated or don’t work.  One birthday I went to

Blenz (a Canadian coffee shop where they have delicious Belgian white hot chocolates) and asked if I got a birthday drink and they said they didn’t give out birthday drinks at that Blenz store.  Needless to say, it was kind of embarrassing and I didn’t bother asking other Blenz stores.  I didn’t really care to be rejected twice on my birthday, once was enough, thank you.

So here are some birthday freebies in Vancouver and Canada that actually work!



This is probably one of the most well-known offers, but you can get a free drink (of any kind that you want).  To qualify you need a Starbucks Gift Card and need to sign up for

Starbucks Rewards 30 days before your birthday.  So this takes a bit of planning if you’re not a Starbucks Rewards member already.

Starbucks Birthday Freebie
  • When to Redeem: The birthday reward expires 1 day after your birthday.
  • Value: up to $6-$9.40 (including tax)

I signed up for my birthday reward this year and got a membership card.  I didn’t get the birthday email but I managed to call Starbucks customer service and they inputted the birthday reward on my account.  You can get food instead of drinks too!  I got a Chicken and Quinoa Protein Bowl which came up to $9.40 after taxes.  I believe it is $8.95.  It was FREE!!

Starbucks Free Birthday Salad

David’s Tea

If you join the

Frequent Steeper Club you get a free cup of tea for your birthday in store.  Personally, I would pick the matcha tea (no milk though), to get the most bang for your buck.  We didn’t get a chance to do this but my sister gets this for her birthday and this birthday freebie works!

  • When to redeem: Up to 30 days after your birthday
  • Value: Around $4? 



At IHOP (International House of Pancakes) you can get a FREE full stack of Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Pancakes or World Famous Pancakes when you join their

MyHOP club.  Taxes and gratuity are extra.  We got the glazed strawberries flavour, and it was delicious!  A stack of pancakes (4) for free, what a great birthday treat.

  • When to Redeem: You’ll get an email 1 week before your birthday and it is valid for 14 days from the date of the email
  • Value: $10.49

IHOP Birthday Freebie


If you go to

Denny’s on your actual birthday and show a government-issued ID you get a free original Grand Slam breakfast, this is comprised of two eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausages and two pancakes (basically you get a “Build Your Own Grand Slam”.  Taxes and gratuities are extra.  The hash browns are delicious, the IHOP pancakes are better than Denny’s!

  • When to Redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: $10.29

Denny's Birthday Freebie


Red Robin

If you sign up for

Red Robin Royalty you get a free burger coupon emailed to you one week before your birthday and it is valid for the month of your birthday. This includes any of their

gourmet burgers but not the Finest Burgers.  My husband picked the mushroom burger.  Please excuse the dollop of cheese curds and gravy in the picture, that was from my blue cheese burger with the $1.99 add-on poutine (which wasn’t very good) haha!  I haven’t been to Red Robin in ages (like for 15 years), but daayyyyamnn their burgers and fries are good.

Red Robin Birthday Freebie
  • When to Redeem: 1 week before your birthday up to the end of the birthday month
  • Value: Up to $12.99

Carlos and Kelly O’ Bryan’s Irish pub

This is in British Columbia (Vernon, Nanaimo, Kits in Vancouver, etc.) and for your birthday bring your ID and get a meal for free.

They recently changed it!  It used to be your AGE minus the bill but they have reined it in.  Now it is $20 off your meal if you come before 4pm (and you have to bring a friend, it doesn’t count towards drinks, and it is only for your meal) and $30 off your meal if you come after 4pm.  Here are more

details on their website.

  • When to Redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: $20 or $30 off your meal (before or after 4pm respectively)

I went in 2018 and it was DELICIOUS (this was before the restrictions/ changes).  There is no minimum purchase.  All this below cost only $4.25 + tax and tip (without disclosing my age haha).  Also, drinks (milk and juice) are free for kids.


This is a great one if you’re turning 99 years old!  Or if you have a loved one who is turning 100 and loves craft beer!  I haven’t tried this one personally but I know of people who have.  

The discount of your age is taken off your bill. 

  • When to Redeem: It is valid up to one week after your birthday.
  • Value: The sky is the limit (well almost), how much beer can you drink? Your age = % off your bill


The Keg Billy Miner Pie

I love the Keg but haven’t been there in a while since they stopped sending me my $25 gift card for being a Keg shareholder.  I should probably go since I’m a shareholder lol.  Anyway if you go on your birthday and tell them it’s your birthday, they give you a

free Billy Miner pie.  It’s delicious and this works but that was a few years ago when I went.

The Keg Birthday Freebie

Source: The Keg

  • When to Redeem: On your birthday
  • Value: Around $6

Boston Pizza Dessert

If you sign up for

My BP Loyalty Program, you can get a free dessert on your birthday.  No purchase necessary but probably a nice gesture.

  • When to Redeem: An email will be sent 1 week before your birthday and it is valid for two weeks
  • Value: Up to $7.99 depending on the dessert you order

Dairy Queen

Join the

DQ Blizzard Fan Club and get a BOGO Free Blizzard Treat.  Once you join you get an email coupon to print out for $3 off a DQ Cake or a BOGO Free Medium Blizzard Treat (of equal or lesser value).

  • When to Redeem: It expires 1 week after your birthday
  • Value: $5

Marble Slab Creamery


Marble Mail and get a BOGO coupon, buy one get one free ice-cream.  You have to sign up at least 48 hours before your birthday in order to get the email coupon.

  • When to Redeem:  It expires 14 days after your birthday
  • Value: around $5 (or however much you want to spend for your cone)
Marble Slab Creamery Birthday Coupon

Source: Marble Slab Creamery


Sephora gift

This is well known for beauty fans that Sephora gives you a free birthday gift if you redeem it for the month of your birthday when you sign up for the

Sephora Beauty Insider.  I got a NARS lip pencil one year and loved it.  This is their Sephora birthday gift for 2018.

  • When to Redeem: Your birthday month
  • Value: Approximately $10 I’d say
Sephora Birthday Gift 2018

semperviva yoga

Since Vancouver is like the North American birthplace of yoga,

Semperviva has a great gift for people who are members.  You don’t have to be an active member but just have gone in the past with a

monthly yoga pass.  On your birthday you get sent an email for free yoga for yourself and three friends.  I’ve been going for years and this is one of the healthiest birthday treats around!

  • When to Redeem: Up to 2 weeks after your birthday
  • Value: Approximately $15 + x 4= $60

London Drugs $5 gift voucher

Okay so this is number 14, I added an extra one!

If you sign up for London Drugs

LDExtras program they email you a $5 gift voucher for your birthday.  It’s a newish loyalty program from London Drugs.  I haven’t tried this yet to see if it works but just signed up.  I have determined that when I get my $5 gift voucher, I will use it to buy some birthday chocolate.

  • When to Redeem: An email will be sent 1 week before your birthday, there is no expiry to the $5 on your account
  • Value: $5

There we have it, this list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good list to work on!

Readers, have you ever tried getting a birthday freebie on your birthday? 

If so, what is your favourite birthday freebie in Vancouver and Canada?

Anything else to add to this list?

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