Claim you FREE BABY STUFF today – Master list of available Baby Freebies

Claim you FREE BABY STUFF today – Master list of available Baby Freebies


One of the most regularly asked about freebies is anything & everything related to a new baby. In the past, I’ve been able to claim some great baby freebies & wanted to create a list of ALL the free baby stuff available to new parents. The contains of the boxes/bags rotate regularly but they’re almost always available. What a great way to welcome your new addition to the family other than some  FREE BABY STUFF! Oh & Congratulations from all of us at Julie’s Freebies!

Free Baby Stuff Master List:

  • Target Baby Welcome Gift – Create your baby registry online, during your next Target run you can stop at Guest Services where you’ll receive a Welcome Kit with over $60 in freebies and coupons packed inside. This is one of the most popular baby freebies available!
  • Walmart Baby Box – Create your baby registry online. After you create your Walmart registry you’ll use your registry link & submit your information to get your free Walmart Baby Box in the mail with samples from brands like Dreft, Dr. Brown’s & more. This baby freebie comes in and out of stock – if its out just check back regularly!
  • buybuy Baby Goodie Bag – Create your baby registry online and on your next visit to BuyBuy Baby – head to their registry desk and let them know that you registered online and they will hand you a bag with a bunch of free baby stuff.
  • Enfamil Family Beginnings – By signing up for Enfamil Family Beginnings you’ll receive free gifts, belly badges and more. 
  • Similac StrongMoms Reward Program – By signing up for the Similac StrongMoms Reward Program you’ll receive formula samples, gifts & more free baby stuff.
  • Seventh Generation – By signing up for the Seventh Generation, Generation Good Panel you’ll receive samples, coupons & more.
  • MyGerber – By signing up for a My Gerber account, you’ll have the opportunity to receive bibs, samples, valuable coupons & more from Gerber.
  • Pampers Reward Program – By signing up for Pampers Reward Program you’ll be able to receive samples, coupons & even earn FREE gift cards once baby arrives. *This rewards program requires a smartphone application to join & maintain.
  • Huggies Reward Program – By signing up for the Huggies Reward Program you’ll be able to receive samples, coupons, toys & more. Like Pampers program you can also earn gift cards & more when baby arrives.
  • Natures One Sample Program – You can select 1 of 2 different formula samples to receive. Just pay the shipping fee of $5.95. You’ll also be eligible for a future discount on their products.
  • Goodnites Coupon Program – Signing up for the Goodnites Coupon Program you’ll get coupons & discounts on Goodnite brands.
  • Amazon Baby Box – Create your baby registry online then complete a purchase of $10 or more from the registry you created & you’ll receive an Amazon Welcome Baby Box that has a value of $35.

Looking for even MORE ways to get FREE BABY STUFF?

Try writing companies that you find asking for freebies – perhaps a brand you like has a detergent scent that you are unsure about. Find the contact page on the companies website and let them know that you are interested in trying out their products and ask if they have any coupons or samples. A LOT of companies will send out coupons – some will send out free samples (or even free full sized products).

You can contact companies via contact forms or even try reaching out via a Facebook or Instagram message! You would be surprised at the number of companies that will hook you up with a free sample or coupons if you just ask!

If you know of any other baby freebies be sure to let us know & we’ll get them added to the list.

 Be sure to share this list of free baby stuff with your friends or family who are about to welcome a new bundle of joy!