Earn FREE Amazon Gift Cards with Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a GREAT app for earning rewards on your phone. First, when you sign up you can get 3,000 bonus points (thats $3 worth of cards yall), then you can earn additional points by taking photos of receipts from stores. I was surprised at how fast these added up!

Follow these steps to get it:

  1. Download the Fetch Rewards App HERE
  2. Register using code H9JFW (use this code so you get the offer)
  3. Once sign up is complete scan a receipt. I happened to have a Dollar General Receipt next to me so I used that and got my 3,000 points
  4. You can then go to REWARDS section and select the gift card you want. Some are $3 which is 3,000 points! EASY

Can’t wait to see everyone that earns gift cards on this one. We have one reader who cashed out $2o in gift cards in just a week. Perfect to save up for the holidays.