FREE 1-Year MLB.TV Subscription for T-Mobile & Sprint Customers (0 Value)

(Through today, March 30th only) Here’s what you can snag at today’s round of T-Mobile Tuesdays! Get a FREE 1-Year MLB.TV Subscription ($130 value)! Also, ad-free Pandora on Saturdays and Sundays, a free 1-night Disc Rental from Redbox, and more! Please note that some restrictions may apply. Sprint users will get a piece of the action as well! To claim yours, you just need to enter your mobile number in their app (iOS or Android).

Please note that expiration dates and times may vary. Some offers will expire within minutes, so be sure not to redeem until you’re ready to use them. Note, you can take advantage of new offers every week from Tuesday at 2 am PST through Wednesday at 1:59 am PST.