Get Paid to Watch James Bond Movies!Love James Bond movies!? If so – this one could be for you! Nerd Bear is looking for one super fan $1,000 to watch all 24 movies starting from Dr. No right up to Spectre. That’s over 51 hours of films, 7 different 007s, and too many martinis!

They are looking for someone who is a James Bond super-fan who will not only watch the movies but will have to take notes too. The winner will be required to watch all 24 movies and complete a simple worksheet over 30 days. The person selected will receive a $100 Amazon gift card to rent the movies (on Amazon Prime). And on completion, will also receive $1000 and a $50 AMC gift card to also watch the newest move release as well.

Click the link below for more details, and to apply!  Be sure to apply before April 16th, 2021 (12 pm).