Guest Post by Lisa from
Kids Eat For

One day while out at lunch with my husband and daughter we saw that the restaurant we were visiting had a day where kids could eat free. I had never noticed the sign before but a light went off. We grabbed a napkin to begin planning how our new site would work. This was the start of There are many kids eat free sites so I needed to be different, better. The biggest problem with the sites I could find was the limited search. On my site the search is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Not only did I change the way you can search but I care about the accuracy of the site. Everything is verified. And I mean everything. If I didn’t have an unlimited Vonage account, I would have an enormous phone bill from calling each of these restaurants. Even when you see a national chain such as Applebee’s, I called each location separately and learned the differences in the offer.

On some restaurants you can see the kids menu so you can really start planning your night.

Everyone will tell you that Denny’s, IHOP and a few other national chains offer kids eat free nights. I have that too. But don’t you want to know about Kelley & Ping in NYC or Cocomo Joe’s in Phoenix? Finding these smaller places is what you’ll get by visiting

I just finished an iPhone and an Android app with all of the data from my site. The iPhone app is in the App Store, the Android app is in the Market. For a nominal fee, you can download our app and when you are out and about you’ll find some new and exciting places to dine with the kids. So go out, explore and don’t forget to take Kids Eat For with you on your travels.

Thanks Lisa, Great site!