How to get free gift cards by using 28 Easy Methods

Amazon has transformed our life and the way of our thinking entirely because a few years ago it was almost impossible for anyone to open a laptop, look for anything they like and then place an order within few minutes to get delivery within a few days.

But with the arrival of Amazon, everything is possible, and now you can get your favorite item within few hours just by placing an order online, and the plus point is that you don’t have to go outside in busy market and find out your product.

You can easily compare various products along with their prices and then decide what suits you best. Here in this article, I would like to share with you the best methods to get free Amazon gift card online.

how to get free gift cards in 2019

As we all know that many people look for different ways on how to get free gift cards because they don’t want to pay cash so, here I would like to share with you some of the natural and quickest ways which involve just using your phone in your spare time.

Gift cards are the vouchers which can be used instead of paying cash, and the amazing thing is that you can get discount gift cards free.

Every single method which is described here is entirely free to get started on, and you can earn points without going anywhere.

How to Get Free Gift cards for Amazon 2019- Complete Guide

Survey junkie:

Server junkie is one of the most famous paid surveys on which you can earn points between 100 to 200 points on the completion of a survey.  You can do surveys for gift cards by using Survey Junkie.

In this site, 1000 points are equal to $10 which you can easily cash out in your PayPal account, or we can get an instant gift card. When we compare survey Junkie to other survey sites, we notice that its threshold is really nice and there is no waiting period as well.

The best thing about this site is that anybody can earn points regardless of their experience or education in any field.

Another fantastic thing about this survey is that you can join it utterly free at start doing work right from your mobile phone.


In Mypoints you can earn lots of points including rewards just by doing simple activities like surveys, watching videos, reading emails, doing web searches, shopping online and much more.

On the completion of a task, you will also get $10 Amazon gift card as a bonus regardless of your regular earnings.


You can earn Swagbucks gift cards by watching videos or doing online surveys sitting on your couch.

Whenever you make a regular purchase by using Swagbucks shopping portal service, then you can earn rewards and then save your rewards so that they can be redeemed for free Amazon gift cards.

Most of the surveys pay you 60bucks, and on the completion of 500 Swagbucks you will get a $5 Amazon gift card.

You can earn bucks on completion of various tasks such as playing games, doing product reviews, watching videos, taking surveys or shopping from Swagbucks portal service.

It is a fantastic service because you can get a gift card for as low as $3 for your favorite online store Such as eBay or Amazon.

If you don’t want a gift card, then you can also exchange your points to get cash directly in your PayPal Account.

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Another way to get free gift cards is through iPoll. You can also use their app which allows you to complete various task or surveys. It is pretty much easy to install on your Android or iOS.

For completing each assignment you will be rewarded an Amazon gift voucher, it means the more surveys you do, the more gift card you earn.


Another way to earn Amazon gift card offer is through checkpoints: Through this portal, you can watch videos, search on the web, take surveys, and scan shopping receipts or various other kinds of activities to get paid.

For the completion of your task, you will be rewarded with free gift card which can be used in your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart, eBay and others.

For every 1000 points, you will earn $5 so do install checkpoints app on your mobile.

Insta GC:

Insta GC is another conventional method to earn free Amazon gift cards through completing surveys, watching videos, surfing on the web or shopping online.

A fantastic feature of insta GC is that you don’t have to wait for your coupon because it gives your reward on as little as $1.

Not only they offer free gift cards, but they also provide Paypal cash.


Cashcrate offers many ways to make money online such as shopping, playing games, doing surveys or refer to your friends.

They Pay cash for various activities and payments are given at the beginning or made of each month, and the minimum payout is $20.

You can also convert your points to buy Amazon gift card by participating in various games with other community members.

Other ways to get free gift cards from shopping apps such as Honey, Mobee, ebates, shopkick


Honey is one of the apps to earn gift cards on Android and iOS.

Honey is a fantastic cashback app which allows you to make free gift cards with its cashback program known as honey gold which gives you 0% to 100% cash back on the selected stores.

After completing your purchase if you find that any of the product you purchase is eligible for cash back then you will be able to get free Amazon gift card.

Those who continuously shop at Amazon should really consider this app because you can save money by comparing the prices of other sites with Amazon, but this app gives you a notification whenever a saving opportunity is available.


Another free app to get free Amazon gift cards is Ebates which gives you an instant $10 bonus on sign up in the form of

Walmart gift card.

When you make a purchase of minimum $25, then you will be eligible for the bonus amount.

Now with ebates you can earn cash back from more 2000 online stores in the form of a

free gift card which will be shipped to your address.


Mobee is a company which pays people for mystery shopping, and you can apply for mystery shopping with Mobee.

You will get a reward on various activities such as scanning receipts, testing products, observing customer service or visiting shops.

You can earn more points by completing more tasks and then your points will be either converted to a gift card or PayPal cash.

get free gift cards online

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Gazelle is another way to earn gift vouchers by purchasing and selling used electronics like computers, phones, and tablets.

If you want to sell your old phone, then you can select the way you get paid whether in the form of a check or PayPal cash or a gift card. It is entirely up to you.


In shopkicks you will earn points in the form of kicks for watching videos or commercials, checking out new recipes, visit online stores, view products or buy products.

By doing all these activities, you will earn kicks which can be redeemed for free gift cards.


You can also get amazon gift card from Grocery stores like Ibotta.

It is one of the most popular receipt scanning apps in the market. Now once you download the app, then you will have to go through their deals. It works like a cash back app where you get cash back on various purchases.

When you do regular shopping, then you take an image of your receipt and get cash back, or you can also choose a gift card.

You can earn points by Scanning, uploading pictures or shopping and get a reward in the form of Amazon gift card.

The more purchases you will make the more rewards will get. You can download their app on Andriod or iOS.

how to get swagbucks

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Receipt Hog:

You can join recipe Receipt Hog to earn instant Amazon gift cards also have an app which allows you to upload your receipt which you have used for market purchases.

In this app, points can be earned by taking surveys, scanning receipts, spinning hog slots and through other ways.

Your earned points can be redeemed for

gift cards or PayPal cash.

Receipt Pal:

Receipt Pal is another amazing shopping app Receipt Pal which helps you out to save your money in the form of gift cards.

In this app 1550 points are equal to $5 worth or you can

get a free gift card of the same worth.

Those on gift cards can we Exchange with Amazon products as well.

Opinion outpost:

Opinion outpost is another kind of survey program that helps you to earn gift cards online in the form of reward whenever you take online surveys or perform similar variety of activities by using their app.

You can easily download the app on Android or iOS.

There is also a giveaway which gives you the opportunity to win $10,000 every quarter.

Your earned points can be converted into Amazon gift cards or iTunes gift cards or Paypal cash.

All these tasks and surveys can be completed within an app so never miss your chance to win thousands of points.

Pocket bounty:

If you want to earn free gift cards by watching videos then Pocket Bounty is the best program for you.

Pocket bounty is a fantastic reward giving program in which you can earn coins which can be redeemed into gift cards.

You can collect coins by doing the following activities including making reference, playing games, watching video commercials, completing surveys or trying out new apps.

Your earned coins can be converted into Flipkart gift card, or Amazon gift card or Paypal cash.

You can do all these activities with an app which is available on Android devices.

Cash wallet:

Now you can get some cards without buying anything just by completing simple tasks. First of all, you have to install the apps and spend time in various activities such as downloading apps or watching videos.

You can win gift cards for amazing brands like Google Play Store, Apple store, Flipkart and others.


Plenti is a fantastic way to earn points whenever you buy gas or visit a restaurant. You can make points whenever you buy gas from Exxon Mobil, AT&T,Hulu, Expedia,Chili’s, Rite Aid and Macy’s.

In plenti three points an equal to $1 so whenever you link your plenti card with your debit card during your visit at local restaurants and bars then you will earn points. Plenti also work with other partners, and you get cash back credit.

Xbox Live rewards:

Now with Xbox whenever you join Xbox, you can earn points through various activities such as completing missions, quizzes, taking surveys or purchasing anything from Xbox Store.

The secured credit can be used to buy anything from the Xbox store as well.


In FreebiePoints points can be grabbed with three ways such as taking surveys, completing one-minute signup offers or playing games.

You can also link your Minecraft account to earn more bonus points.

In FreebiePoints you need at least 5000 points to redeem gift cards, and 5000 points are worth $20.

get free amazon gift card


Toluna an award giving program in which you can earn free gift cards. You can redeem your rewards for popular brands like Disney, Proctor and Gamble, Expedia and others.

With the help of their app, you have to complete surveys, communicate with other users or test various products.


You might be thinking about Bing search engine yes you are right because being has a reward system for people who want to get free gift cards.

First of all, you have to join their reward program and use Bing search engine to access promotional offers, participate in quizzes or use their search engine whenever you search for something then all your points can be redeemed for gift cards.

You can also earn points with Bing app which is available on Android and IOS.

Gift wallet:

As the name indicates Gift Wallet is all about giving gifts to people whenever they perform some activities like referring Friends, downloading apps and so much more.

You can download and install the app in your Android or iOS devices, and your earned points are redeemed in the form of the Amazon cards, iTunes cards or Google Play Store cards.

Amazon Associates:

One of the most popular ways to earn passive income in the form of free gift cards is through Amazon associate. All you have to do is to place amazon affiliate links on your blog for various products, and whenever a user purchase something to your link then you will get a chance to earn a small commission on every product.

To join the Amazon associate program, you have to read their terms and conditions.

Trade in your books and electronics:

There is another way to earn free gift cards through amazon trade-in program. If you have a good condition smartphone or books or any electronic items, then you can list those in Amazon trade-in program.

If they accept your product then definitely you will earn free cards.

Harris Poll Online:

Harris Poll Online is a research-based company which gives you the opportunity to get free gift cards without any difficulty.

It is a company that does surveys on behalf of some other companies and then rewards you.

You have to install their app and start doing surveys.

All android and IOS users can download their app the app and your points can be converted into free gift vouchers.

Now you don’t need to search for where to buy Amazon gift cards because you can convert your points to e gift cards.


One of the hassle-free ways to get free gift vouchers is by using AppTrailers where you can earn points by watching 30 seconds trailers or commercials of other products, and you also have to share your opinion in the form of comments.

Just download the app and earn free gift cards instantly to be used for popular brands like

Sephora, iTunes, FootLocker and Amazon.


How many sites do you need to join to get a gift card?

It all depends on your time because there are lots of sites which you can join.

There are some sites which allow redeem gift cards for as low amount as $1.

It’s all about your activities and your time spent.

One thing you should do is to create a separate email account for all those cash back and surveys sites because these sites send a lot of emails.

How long will it take to earn a gift card?

It all depends on the type of site which you have joined because there are many sites from which you can earn a gift card within 20 minutes but some apps may require your more effort while other apps need just a sign up from you and you have to run that app in the background of your device.

How would I know about amazon gift card scams?

One thing you should keep in your mind that whenever a site asks you pay some amount to join them, it may be a scam.

You will notice that scammers try to convince you that you have to pay fees for Amazon gift card so don’t be fooled by such people.

After reading the entire article you must be clear on how to get free gift cards on Amazon.

You just need to follow the instructions given above to be among the lucky one who are already getting vouchers quickly.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.