gift cards

Gift cards are the easiest go-to present, especially when you don’t know what to buy your giftee. Additionally, gift cards often come with bonuses or are sold at a discount, making the value even better!

Do you have ones you don’t want, or can’t use? Then see our guide on how to sell gift cards.

Check out our top five gift card deals below, and be sure to bookmark this page — we’ll be updating the offers weekly!

What Are Gift Card Freebies?

Gift card freebies are incredibly popular — but just around the holidays, typically. They’re often buy one, get one deals, with restaurants and retailers offering “bonus cards” with select gift card purchases. Popular promotions include a $5 reward for buying a $25 gift card, a $10 reward for buying $50 in gift cards, and even higher amounts for larger purchases.

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Just be sure to read the fine print with these gift card deals. While the extra perks are great, you can often only redeem them during a certain period of time, and it tends to be within the first few months of the new year.

Also, be aware that your mileage may vary when it comes to these deals. In some cases, no end date will be announced, or it may be up to individual stores to decide if they want to honor an offer. When in doubt, call ahead to ask if the promotion is valid.

We’ll go back to rounding up these BOGO offers when they return, but for now, here are the best gift card deals of the week.

The 5 Best Gift Card Deals This Week

Up to 54% off select gift cards
at CardCash

Free $10 bonus gift card with $50-plus gift card purchase
at The Children’s Place

25% off select gift cards
at Sam’s Club

Up to 50% off select gift cards
at Gift Card Granny

Up to 52% off select gift cards