Top Paying Survey Sites in 2019

Top Paying Survey Sites in 2019I am often asked “is this site legit” on Survey Sites, there are some sketchy ones for sure, and there are also some good ones. Sorting through them can be a pain, so here is my list of the TOP PAYING SURVEY SITES of 2019!

  • InstaGC – This one always makes the list. Cash out with as little as $1.00. Use the ‘Ticker’ feature and see what others are doing to earn and do those same offers. TIP: You can do Live Sample Survey 1 and 2 DAILY and they each pay $1.00!
  • OneOpinion – This one is great, we have lots of readers earning on this one and not only that they also have regular PAID product testing opportunities as well.
  • VIP VOICE – This one has been GOLDEN to our readers for the past year or so. They have a 7 day food journal that pays out $25 Visa Gift Card – and not only that but you can get that more than once. The trick seems to be to head do some surveys and be active on the site and that usually makes the 7 day food journal pop up!
  • Catch Panel – Another new one to the scene, but we have readers earning on this one regularly! Cash out with Amazon Gift Cards!
  • NCP Panel – This one has been around for a while. Some love it, some hate it. Scan you groceries to earn points & be entered for prizes. They also have some snack studies here that you can do for a $25 Amazon Card. They have been upping their rewards in 2019 for sure so if you tried it in the past, might be time to try it again!
  • ShopTracker – Okay this one isn’t really a survey site. If you shop on Amazon you can get a $3 Visa Gift Card every 30 days for sharing your shopping habits.