The Nuts and Bolts of America’s Most Famous Sweepstakes

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when is the publishers clearing house drawing

Wondering why the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes never seem to end? It seems like a winner is going to be drawn any day now, and then next thing you know, you’re getting new offers to enter all over again. Why doesn’t PCH ever actually draw winners?

And what happens to those big prizes, like the “$7,000 a Week ForEVER” prizes? PCH advertises these huge prizes, and then end up giving away a simple million dollars. Not that that’s a bad prize or anything, but is some kind of bait and switch going on?

The sweepstakes do end. However, the quarterly giveaways that PCH advertises are not drawn at the end of the giveaway period. Rather, they are “Special Early Look SuperPrize Events.” And the prizes are awarded according to their rules, but that doesn’t mean that the big SuperPrize is always awarded. Here is a look into how exactly the PCH SuperPrize Drawings really work.

What an “Early Look Time Frame” Really Is

When you enter PCH sweepstakes, you are assigned a Prize Number for the corresponding Early Look time frame. At the end of the Special Early Look time frame, PCH randomly draws a number and then checks if any of the people who entered during that time frame have the corresponding Prize Number. If so, that person wins the grand prize that is currently being advertised. Recent grand prizes have included $2 million and $10,000 a month for life, $5,000 a week forever, and other life-changing prizes.

If no entrant’s Prize Number matches the randomly-drawn number, PCH usually holds a second-chance drawing. Typically, the second-chance drawing winner will receive a $1,000,000 prize.

When Is the Next PCH SuperPrize Drawing?

To find out when the next Publishers Clearing House drawing will take place, what the current grand and second-chance prizes are, and how to enter, check out the entry information about the current PCH SuperPrize Sweepstakes.

One of the reasons why people sometimes think that PCH sweepstakes never end is Publishers Clearing House runs one giveaway right after another.

Each PCH SuperPrize giveaway does have an end date, but usually, a new chance to win enormous prizes starts the very next day. The grand prize might vary, but the second-chance prize of a million dollars usually stays the same.

Are PCH Prizes Really Awarded?

The odds of winning are very, very long, but PCH Sweepstakes are not scams. The winners are drawn and the prizes are really awarded. You can follow the PCH Prize Patrol on YouTube to watch videos of real people (not actors!) receiving the good news of their big wins.

One of the million-dollar winners was Natalie Bostelman, who gave an interview about what it was like to win a PCH SuperPrize. It’s interesting reading for any would-be winner.

Publishers Clearing House also gives away other prizes throughout the year. See top ways to win with PCH to get an idea of the different ways Publishers Clearing House gives prizes away.